design meeting

A Calderwood design workshop, involving a wide cross section of delegates.

peter briefing students

Peter Stirling briefing students on site for a Calderwood design competition.

Wayne Hemingway

Wayne Hemingway at a Calderwood design workshop.


Encouraging ideas and feedback for Calderwood at an East Calder community consultation.

christmas lights switch-on

Residents of Calderwood turn out to watch Santa Claus pay the community a visit in December 2016.

Stirling Developments believe in collaboration and participation.

From an early stage we have implemented a strategy to infuse the project with maximum creative input, robust analysis and consideration.

Calderwood will be a people-centric place, a place shaped and influenced by many people.

We want the project to provide lots of opportunities for people to get involved. Stirling Developments will try and create design opportunities for people to participate in and help us develop Calderwood into something great.

We will create affordable ways for people to create businesses at Calderwood; pop-up shops, rentable retail and business facilities. There may be opportunities for self-build plots to create your own home.

Community involvement is essential for any successful village. Stirling Developments has been delighted to witness the formation of the Calderwood Residents Association (CRA). This well-attended group meet regularly to discuss village matters and organise community events for Calderwood residents throughout the year.