Calderwood Community Garden

Calderwood's Community Garden; encouraging community activity and outdoor fun!

Dining in the street

An aspiration for Calderwood - socialising and dining in the street.

Fishing in Calderwood

Fishing in the Almondell & Calderwood Country Park – daily permits can be bought.

Local children planting trees at Calderwood

Local children planting trees at Calderwood.

Calderwood – a Garden of Eden close to Edinburgh.

We want people to celebrate life at Calderwood. It will be much more than a pretty place to locate a house - it will be a place of discovery and activity. Embedded in nature, with a landscape that announces each of the seasons, Calderwood will be an inspiring place to live.  

In time, the new village will offer lots of destinations for outdoor fun. It will be a place that connects people together with its attractive public realm and outdoor spaces.  We will endeavour to establish a wide range of village events, to help establish an inclusive, friendly community where residents feel safe and happy. Our designs promote cycling and walking and cars will always give way to people at Calderwood.

We have designed landscaped streets and steered away from standard traffic solutions. We believe a tree planted in the street will slow down cars better than a sign at the side of it – and it will look much better too! It will be possible to sit down for lunch or dinner in Calderwood’s homezone streets and not feel threatened by cars.

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