The Calderwood Masterplan - a culmination of years of research and hard work.

The Larder Cafe at Calderwood - open 7 days a week!

Stirling Developments explore the exquisite Derwenthorpe in York.

Calderwood’s development plans have been years in the making. Peter Stirling (Managing Director) first started making development plans for the site in 2002. 

Designing and creating a new village within a picturesque setting is a wonderful opportunity to establish a place where people want to live, but it also comes with responsibilities to do the site justice. 

Stirling Developments opened the project up to as much creative input and collaboration as possible.  Extensive study tours researched exemplar developments in the UK and further afield, as we endeavoured to explore every possibility in our quest to create the optimum designs for the new village. 

Our masterplan is a culmination of years of research and provides the framework and detail for a sustainable, new community at Calderwood.  The development is close to the village of East Calder, facilitating easy, walkable access to shops and primary schools.

To support Calderwood's flourishing community, Stirling Developments has recently delivered Calderwood's first business space - The Larder Cafe at Calderwood. This fantastic community asset was created in association with The Larder Cook School who, we are delighted to confirm, are operating the cafe. The Larder Cafe at Calderwood can be found at 1 Calderwood Square, East Calder, EH53 0GH.

As the village grows, further community facilities will be delivered including shops, businesses and a new primary school.  West Lothian Council are also considering plans for a future new secondary school to be located close to Calderwood.