river almond

The river Almond meanders through the Country Park.

New Stewart Milne homes bordering the Almondell & Calderwood Country Park.

canal walk

One of many enchanting trails at Calderwood.

harvest time

Harvest time at Calderwood.

Golden fields of Calderwood

View of Calderwood and the surrounding Country Park.

Calderwood’s setting is one of the key features that sets it apart from all other developments. The 230 acres of beautiful country park surrounding the new village offers a beautiful public realm - waiting to be explored and enjoyed. 

The Country Park is contained in a sunken valley, with the river Almond meandering through it. The park has its own sheltered climate and instills peace and harmony in all those that walk or cycle through its enchanting network of paths and open spaces. 

Stirling Developments' masterplan has tried to complement the existing, scenic setting by creating a beautiful new landscape framework for the village that will be equally memorable.

Calderwood’s farmland also offers scenic beauty and opportunities to connect with nature. Our plans have tried to find a harmony between conservation and creation. Conservation of areas where nature is self-governing, independent from human direction and control and areas of creation, establishing new habitat and eco-systems.