Kirkhill piller

The Kirkhill Pillar stands outside the Country Park Visitor center and its Latin inscription and Calderwood’s motto is “Pay homage to the heavenly sent land”.

Earl of Buchan

The 11th Earl of Buchan, (1742-1829), creator of the Kirkhill Pillar.

Prof royal & Earl Buchan

Scotland’s Astronomer Royal, professor John Brown (left), shows the fascinating Kirkhill Pillar to Harvard University Professor, Owen Gingenich.

David Sim walking fields

David Sim of GEHL Architects, Denmark, considers how best to work with the grain of the land at Calderwood.

country park trail

A beautiful Calderwood woodland trail.

Creating a successful blueprint for a large, new community is a challenging journey, loaded with responsibility and offering many alternative routes and directions.

At Stirling Developments, we wanted our plans for the new village to be informed by the site’s history and DNA. The masterplan had to link the past, to the present and the future. We think it’s important for a new community to quickly establish a sense of place and heritage. A place with integrity and substance, which residents are proud to call “home”.

Calderwood’s historic genealogy is rooted in the 'Scottish Enlightenment' period, an era of outstanding intellectual and scientific achievement. This period saw the creation of Almondell House and the establishment of its woodland policies, which now form the Country Park. It was during this time that the 11th Earl of Buchan created an accurate model of the solar system and commemorated its calculations on his Kirkhill pillar. The Earl inscribed into the pillar a declaration, "Pay homage to the heavenly sent land". This has become our mission statement for Calderwood.  

We have worked with Scotland’s Astronomer Royal, to investigate the Earl’s work and look at ways of showcasing it at Calderwood.

To acknowledge the farmland’s productive relationship with the earth - we want to create places that can produce food, such as allotments, community gardens and edible greenways. Our masterplan has worked with the grain of the land, following contours, Drover’s roads and water courses.

The masterplan encourages nature to spill out of the country park and permeate throughout the new village. We have created bio-diverse habitats for wildlife and a network of greenways and parks, where residents can find harmony with nature.