Stirling Developments Team 2016

Some of the Stirling Developments team on site at Broomhall, South-West Dunfermline.

Tree planting at Calderwood nursery

Neil gets his hands dirty planting young trees in the Calderwood nursery!

SDL design conference

A Stirling Developments design workshop for Calderwood, involving Scottish and international designers.

Gala day consultation

Stirling Development's Calderwood public consultation event at the East Calder Gala Day.

Stirling Developments are lead developers and masterplanners of Calderwood.

Stirling Developments procured the development rights for the three farms situated at Calderwood in 2002. It has taken over ten years to gain all the necessary planning consents to allow us to transform the farmland into a new village, Calderwood.


Our ambitions for Calderwood have been high since the beginning. Stirling Developments wants Calderwood to be a Scottish exemplar, setting the tone for delivering the best new communities of tomorrow. We have personally led the project through all public consultations, design workshops and council planning meetings. We feel it's important for the lead developer to be visible and accountable.


We enjoy encouraging creative input in our projects, to this end Stirling Developments has funded and sponsored a variety of design competitions for architectural practices and local students. Stirling Developments has also held various design workshops involving many of the UK and Europe’s finest urban designers. All of this was done to encourage maximum engagement and collaboration in the Calderwood project.


We're different at Stirling Developments. Our focus is on maximum quality rather than maximum profit - we want to create special, memorable places that we can be proud of. To achieve this, we involve ourselves in all aspects of Calderwood's design, including masterplanning, infrastructure design, landscape design, housing layouts, materials and colours.