visitor centre

The Almondell & Calderwood Country Park Visitor Centre

Calderwood site

Calderwood surrounded by the Almondell & Calderwood Country Park.

Encouraging nature in the Calderwood community garden.

home zone

A Calderwood home zone.

Play Park

Calderwood residents enjoying their home zone play park.

Calderwood  is a new village, close to the villages of East Calder and Kirknewton and only 6 miles west of Edinburgh. The site comprises scenic farmland bounded by the 230 acre Almondell & Calderwood Country Park and Jupiter Artland.

Stirling Developments has planning consent for 2,300 homes with associated shops, schools, businesses and community facilities. Everything required for a sustainable village.

Calderwood’s beautiful setting has provided an inspiring framework for Stirling Developments' masterplan. 

The masterplan encourages nature and wildlife to spill out of the country park and permeate thoughout the new village. We want nature to have a home in Calderwood too.

Once complete, the village will be made up of individually designed neighbourhood home zones, which will have landscaped streets where children can play safely. The home zone streets will prioritise pedestrians and cyclists; the car will be a guest.

Each home zone will have its own park and be connected by greenways to other parks and public spaces. Calderwood will champion best practices and endeavour to make a positive contribution to the environment. We hope to provide an electric car charging point, placing Calderwood on the national Zap-Map.