Calderwood Greenway

A greenway in Calderwood; offering residents opportunities to travel in more sustainable ways and meet one another.

Event Junction

A Calderwood landscaped, event junction.

Fruiting trees can be found throughout Calderwood.

Stewart Milne Homes

Calderwood's home zone streets incorporate shared-space principles.

Kirsty with the school childern

Country Park ranger, Kirsty Morrison, leads local school children at a Calderwood seed hunt!

Calderwood strives to be a fully functioning community - not just a housing development.

Now in its third phase of development, Calderwood’s ethos will be and has always been 'open and welcoming' as opposed to 'closed'. We have designed a people-centric masterplan, which provides lots of opportunities for residents to meet and participate in Calderwood’s community life.

Throughout all of its phases of development, Calderwood will continue to be designed with care and attention to detail. Our landscaping and public realm, often the areas that under-achieve in residential developments, will aim to highlight why Calderwood will be such a good place to live. We have designed-out unnecessary and unsightly traffic signage and road paint and, instead, informed motorists with attractive, landscaped junctions and streetscapes. 

We want to promote hand-crafted, bespoke features, rather than mass produced ones. We don’t want one-size-fits-all solutions for anything at Calderwood. We like design solutions that improve with age, not deteriorate. We want Calderwood to be uplifting and inspiring.